Saturday, August 13, 2016

Liberal Media Bias----They Don't Even Hide it Anymore

Not only do they not hide it, some once reputable news organizations wear their liberalism in full view, like a badge of honor.

The Mainstream Media tried their best to "appear" fair and balanced during the two Presidential Conventions, but right after the final curtain call of the Democrat convention, all appearances of responsible journalism left the profession---with reckless abandonment.

As the description of a the Olympic Diving pool by a German diver, "the whole building smells like a fart", so does a majority of our American Media, only the stench is far more profound.

Like a pack of hungry wolves, starving for fresh meat, the Liberal Media has been feasting on every word of the Republican Primary winner, dissecting, (and in most cases, providing their own translations and narratives to fit their desired agenda), to the point of absurdity.  For the journalistically-challenged media, here's a few synonyms for absurdity: folly, fatuity, foppery, idiocy, imbecility, insanity, lunacy, oh, and stupidity.

Heading the pack of unabashed liberalism has to be Jeff  “I think it was a legitimate criticism of CNN that it was a little too liberal” Zucker and the crew at CNN, followed closely by none other than the misanthropes at MSNBC, (Joe Scarborough and his merry band of Mornin' Joe liberals), and the less relevant Chris, (tingles), Matthews.  Of course, Joe pretended to be a fan of Donald Trump during the media's target-rich primaries, but that didn't last long. Today, all Joe does is provide the echo-chamber of liberal screeds depicting the "outsider" as unfit for office---this, [narrative], coming from a crew that barely recognizes Mrs. Clinton's ongoing criminal enterprise.

Not to be excluded or outdone---in the department of liberal absurdity---are the many online, (and languishing print publications), that regale in their anti-Trump rantings with impunity.  Currently topping the list is Jeff Bezos, (Amazon founder and new owner of the Washington Post), that deserves the title of "all the liberalism that's fit to print".  The cast of liberal opinionators include E. J. Dionne, David Ignatius, Eugene Robinson, Ruth Marcus, Dana Milbank, (backed up/legitimized by questionable conservatives George Will and Charles Krauthammer), puts this group second to none among the certified anti-Trumpers.  Almost as an addendum, the never-surprising New York Times will most likely be raising their ugly heads soon with a "love-child" story, or some unsourced scandal.  Depend on it.

Special Recognition---unhonorable mentions.

Politico, Huffpo, Slate, Salon, and the pride of "conservatism", NRO.

I've got to give a special shout-out to the Post's Jennifer Rubin, who's described as a "conservative blogger", but hates Trump with such a passion, Bezos must be feeding her Chateaubriand dinners with Olympic-sized cesspools of Bearnaise sauce.  Hey Jenn, can you really smell anything with your head that far up Bezos anal cavity?

Hilarious overtures:  When I Googled “Top ten most liberal news publications”, the eighth spot listed was the National Review.  Dammit Google, they’re conservative!  

I guess my point is, Mr. Trump has got a ton of the media doing all they can to insure the keys to the White House are not in his hands come November 8th. He played most of them like a well tuned fiddle during the primaries.  One reporter suggested Trump received $4 billion dollars in free advertising throughout the process.  But, the all out assault is becoming fast and furious, along with the liberal media's daily translations of every word from Trump's mouth---some legitimately close, most astringently ridiculous.

Make no mistake, the media is all in---in the tank for Hillary.

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