Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Irony: Bibi stands up while the House leaders surrender

A little less than four weeks ago, Hugh Hewitt interviewed Steve Scalise, House Republican Whip.  Hewitt repeatedly asked Scalise whether the House would hold fast or cave on DHS funding.  The Clinton-esque responses would have made for good comedy had there not been the overwhelming sense that of course the House would cave:

HH:  I was looking for the declaration, we will not blink. Is that fair to say that the House Republicans are not going to blink on this?...
SS:  We’re not blinking.
 (my emphases)

Of course, they weren't blinking on Feb. 9.  Apparently, however, they will not only blink but run and hide sometime this week, not long after Prime Minister Netanyahu stands up before the world, demonstrating what it is to be someone of conviction in these threatening times.
The irony of Boehner inviting a man who is unafraid, who refuses to "cave" to this WH, who is more than willing to stand up and fight for the survival of his country, all the while plotting the surrender of the Republican party and our nation is more than I can take.

I've already called my own Congressman and Rep. Walden's office, since he is head of the NRCC.  In a polite and resigned tone, I informed both offices that if Boehner puts a clean DHS bill up for a vote, they can stop sending me all their requests for money. 

Hugh Hewitt can be a devastating interviewer.  It's my understanding that he will be part of the CNN panel for a September Republican presidential candidate debate.  Various media apparently are helping him identify worthwhile questions.  

Now, I imagine by September, given the generous assist from Boehner and McConnell, we'll be well on our way to the complete dissolution of our southern border.  Worse, Republican leaders will still be lying to us.  I'm sure someone might be curious though to hear candidates answer this question: How do all those candidates intend to replace the millions of conservative votes that Boehner and McConnell have lost, through their deceit, timidity, and absolute incompetence?

We entrusted the future of our collapsing country to inarticulate, visionless, middle-management technocrats like Boehner and McConnell.  And now we are left to wonder how to live something resembling a decent and free life, while fools like Scalise, Boehner, McConnell stand by and and watch, and in some cases actively help, someone who has no love for this country ruin what little of America there is left to us. 

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