Friday, March 13, 2015

A Short Conversation with a Liberal Who Employs the Word Hate

I thought Republicans hated Eric Holder above all else, but if they refuse to confirm Lynch, that’s who they end up with

Don't you liberals get tired of employing the word "HATE" into every argument? You do know it diminishes your intelligence.

Nope, hate is exclusive to you right wing Christians.

There's a big difference between hating the person and hating the actions, but I'm sure you wouldn't understand this.

btw, it's easy to love someone, anyone.....but hate has to be taught. It's a discipline I don't subscribe to.

it's not always easy especially if the person hates you or does bad to you.

I'd like to think it's the person that hates, who has the bigger problem---a consuming emotion that eats the soul.

Hate is the fuel of the Right Wing GOP and Christians, in America.

No it is not. If you truly believe this, I feel sorry for what ever compassion you may have possessed and now lost.

By your own fruition BJ, you're allowing yourself to be consumed in hate. Perhaps you should reexamine your priorities.

Jeez get a life. Blocked.

There really is little hope for those so consumed in their own hate. As a Christian, I shall pray for them.

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