Monday, March 2, 2015

Matt Drudge Joins the Liberal Media Game

Matt Drudge is playing the liberal media reporting game, plain and simple.  In less than a few weeks, the liberal media has had to make major corrections while attempting to belittle Conservative Presidential front-runner Scott Walker. 

The story that “claimed” Scott Walker’s budget proposal to delete the requirement that universities report sexual assault cases turned out to be total horse manure.  Published in the Daily Beast, (who picked it up from a feminist blog Jezebel), and then reposted by USA Today has been “corrected and retracted“.

Just a week earlier, the grand old New York Times had to make a serious correction following their report that Walker caused tons of teacher layoffs with his budget cuts in 2010.  What the lazy writer and the editors failed to find out was that Walker didn’t become the Governor until the following year.  Whoops! 

And, of course the story/fabrication got syndicated nationally and spread throughout the internet.  In order for the NY Slimes to maintain any credibility, they just simply edited out the FALSE FACTS, and left the rest of the story intact.

Both of these bogus stories, (above), have been chronicled at the website Bizpack Review.  

Any one see a pattern here?  (This was not a rhetorical question)

The latest and greatest liberal media ploy is to 1) first and foremost, get the story into publication---fact or fiction.  And 2), deal with the retractions or corrections at a later date, long after the bull crap has spread across the fruited plains and through the internet.

Drudge’s main headline, (which is still up right now in all caps), PAPER: OBAMA THREATENED TO SHOOT DOWN ISRAELI JETS, will certainly be linked and repeated over the entire internet, and yes, the Conservative blogs and publications, and here at Mediaite, who makes the obvious claim: 

Conservative Blogs Explode over ‘Report’ Obama Threatened to Shoot Down Israeli Planes

When it drops off the headlines, Drudge will post a “our sources might not be as credible as we thought”, but the damage is already done.  And, judging from the comments at Mediaite, it’s the liberal heads that are “exploding” over this questionable story, much more than the conservatives.

See how it works?  Two can play this game.  It is sad that Drudge may have had to crawl into the gutter---with the liberal media---to make this point.  The Obama administration will never admit they really intended to shoot down Israeli planes, (even if Mika's dad* suggested it), but, the political ramifications are laid on the table as Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu addresses Congress on Tuesday morning.

The Liberal Media Game has now become:  Sources? We don't need no stinking sources.  Or, the sources don't have to be credible, as long as the story gets out there.  In this case, Matt Drudge has clearly made his point.  And the liberal media will have to simply live with their new found yellow journalism---tactics unbecoming in today's Media.

It's only going to get uglier.

* Mika Brzezinski is the daughter of Zbigniew Brzezinski, (a former National Security Advisor for the Carter Administration).  Mika is the co-host on MSNBC’s Morning Joe program, that spews liberalism to the tenth degree.


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