Friday, December 6, 2013

Welcome to Camped on the Right

Welcome everyone to Camped on the Right, a new Conservative-leaning site dedicated to provocative commentary on events and issues affecting all of us.  This site is currently in a "test mode" and may incur modifications as the authors see fit, so bare with us.  The authors also reserve the right to edit the content of all post, (when needed) to provide accuracy, add links, or provide photos for enhancement.  If the content is changed dramatically, we will note the changes at the bottom of the post.

Camped on the Right is dedicated to keeping a watchful eye on the affairs of our governments, local, state, and national.  These affairs are often inseparable from our culture, and the history of that culture and our nation.  Our aim is to contribute to the continuing discussion of issues or circumstances that affect one or a few or all of us.  As you will see our perspective is generally conservative and always committed to American exceptionalism.

An open commentary format and policies will be created soon to invite all who are interested to post their thoughts.  And while we will invite informative conversation, this site reserves the right to remove any and all comments that we find offensive to our readership.  Foul language will not be tolerated, (including the clever substitutions for letters that still spell out vulgar words or language---ie any and all F-words and the like.  The idea is to promote civil minded conversations, NOT the vile attacks aimed at the authors or the commenters.

We hope you will enjoy the postings/opinions of Camped on the Right and will come back for future postings.

Best regards,

Rovin and EastofEden

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  1. Testing the commentary system.....this is only a test.