Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Has ObamaCare Become a Form of Slavery?

How many stood in chains to proclaim they were Spartacus?
In Hot Air's Quotes of the Day, the Obama Administration has admitted to possibly losing hundreds of thousands of participants on the website:

"The Obama administration said Friday that there could be problems with the enrollment records for a quarter of all the people who signed up for health insurance through the federal marketplace in October and November, raising questions about whether consumers will get coverage in time to pay for their medical care next month…"

So, probably 25% of the people who signed up in the past two months may have become “digitally obscure” in the web-maze of  How does the government go about denying that these people have coverage?  How many thousands, (that signed up and went through the entire process, and clicked on the final tab, and got the message: Congratulations, you now have health insurance), will find out some time early next year that they have nothing of the kind?

Perhaps the President, with his Messianic powers, will on his own amend the law, providing an “amnesty period” and the honor system for all those who claim they concluded the process.  Seriously, what’s wrong with adding one more “FIX” in this un-fixable program?  

So, early next year, HHS will make another proclamation that “we lost you and we need you to come forward”, and the masses will begin standing up and proclaiming “I’m Spartacus”!

Funny, that in the Spartacus clip, the Roman barking out the conditions of surrender says: “Slaves you were, and slaves you remain”.

Can any government that institutes these kinds of federal mandates on businesses, on its citizens really deny this is not a form of servitude or slavery?  No matter what law the people's representatives pass, a "Messiah" changes them on a whim?  Without consulting the people?  Isn't the history of the struggle for freedom and democracy, starting in 1215 with the Magna Carta, a history of telling a lawless executive: "You don't have the right to pass judgment or law on your own"?  Wasn't the American Revolution motivated by exactly this sort behavior?

Perhaps it’s this 25% that are still truly free from their impending bondage.

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