Friday, December 20, 2013

Open letter to a Republican Congressman on Immigration "Reform"

As it turns out, in connection with the previous post on immigration, the author of the following letter has agreed to let Camped on the Right post an edited version of the letter, without attribution.   

The author is sending the letter to his Congressman and and also copies to the House leadership and the NRCC.  The letter highlights a number of concerns about the leadership's plans for amnesty and responds to a several of the "arguments" given for amnesty.  So, here is the letter...oh, and if it prompts any of you to contact your representative on this much the better.

Congressman ......
Washington, DC 20515
Re: Immigration
cc: Reps. Boehner, McCarthy, Walden

Dear Rep. ....:

I appreciate your response to my recent email, but I felt I needed to follow up.  I believe it is clear that Boehner, Ryan and the House leadership are about to abandon wholly their base voters on immigration amnesty.  They evidence no desire either to listen or honestly engage the voters who made Republicans the majority in the House.

Congressman, you will lose the base of the Republican party in 2014 if you sell us out on amnesty. And you will be lucky to hold the House, much less take the Senate.

Instead of trumpeting the disaster that is Obamacare as a focal point for the 2014 elections, it becomes increasingly clear that Boehner and the House leadership intend to pick a very public fight with the Republican base, over – of all things – immigration. 

Perhaps this might be understandable if there were good reasons for “reform” while we have control only of the House.  But Boehner, et. al., make unfounded assertions and ignore real evidence.  And they certainly do not engage us in real and honest debate.....

Consider just some of the most recent indications that House leadership is preparing to abandon their base and adopt a path to amnesty, with empty promises of border security and “triggers.”  Much less do they plan to explain their actions to base voters:

Paul Ryan plans to lead the push for amnesty.

Major Garret reports that come summer 2014, Paul Ryan plans to lead on reform but promising "no amnesty."  He doesn’t believe that the Gang of 8 bill is amnesty, yet we’re supposed to trust him on this?

The House “gang of 8” was giving away everything – with Boehner’s approval! – in order to strike a deal.

Their first act was to agree to a path to citizenship !!! Why even bother to negotiate?  They abandoned any “hard trigger” for border security, and their idea of requiring some penalty so that it wouldn’t be amnesty was a “learn English” requirement.  And we are to take Republican efforts on immigration reform seriously?  

Boehner hires an unabashed amnesty advocate as an advisor.

I don’t know what’s worse, his doing so without first explaining his intentions to base voters or the fact that he hired an advisor from the atrocious 2008 campaign of the some times Republican McCain !!  What good did amnesty do McCain with Hispanic voters?

We are told by Boehner, floating his version of “Dreamer,”  “it is the right thing to do.”

 Of course, he didn’t bother to explain why children should benefit from their parents’ crimes.  Perhaps he’s willing to extend this “right thing” – perhaps he thinks that we should not only let the children of bank robbers keep the stolen money, but give them a reward as well!

We are told that we must have reform – “legalization” – if  we are to “level the playing field” and appeal to Hispanic voters.  However:

Will Boehner & Co then support Obamacare?  62% of Hispanics do.

Will Boehner & Co then support more big government?  75% of Hispanics do.

Will Boehner & Co then oppose capitalism?  55% of Hispanics oppose it.

Will Boehner & Co then support racial preferences?  75% of Hispanics do.

And here is Charles Cooke: “Often lost in the analysis of the 2012 election is that the Republican party needs to win only small slivers of each traditionally Democratic bloc in order to again win a national election.”

We are told that the majority of voters favor a “pathway” to citizenship.

However, 56% of American adults want the border secure before any type of amnesty is granted to illegal aliens.

We are told the immigration system is “broken” and needs to be “fixed.”

Yet neither Boehner nor his lieutenants have bothered to explain
(1) why we should expect some new law to be enforced, when we can’t trust this administration to enforce current law! 
(2) what will prevent some liberal federal judge from striking down all the enforcement mechanisms and leaving only amnesty and open borders!

We are told Boehner & Co won’t pass “amnesty.”

Ryan boldly challenged anyone to debate whether the Senate Gang of 8 was amnesty.  Yet he apparently is more afraid of Heritage than he is Patty Murray.  Since when is (perhaps!) paying back taxes a penalty?  That’s the law, not a penalty!  And we’re supposed to trust Ryan and McCarthy on these issues?

We are never told by Boehner & Co how many illegal immigrants will be legalized. 

We hear the 11 million figure over and over; but no one in House leadership bothers to explain how they arrive at that figure or whether that is indeed the real figure.  During Senate debate, the real figure was put at 30 million.

Boehner & Co never tell us why they place such a priority on this issue!!

Liberal Beltway media and liberal activists – and an administration desperate to distract from Obamacare – are the only ones who believe this is a high priority issue.  Polls show that it routinely draws only about 5% voter support as a high priority issue.  Yet Boehner hires an amnesty advocate?

What are we to think…except that House leadership plans to betray fundamental conservative principles and millions of base voters.  I continue to receive solicitations from McCarthy, Walden, Boehner, reminding me that I have not renewed my 2014 NRCC membership. 

Here’s my promise, Rep.....: Just like I stopped contributing to the NRSC after the Gang of 8 passed with 13 Republican votes, if Boehner, Ryan and House Republicans sell us out on this issue, I will close my checkbook…and stay home in 2014.  I wouldn’t vote for some liberal.  And I most certainly won’t vote for Republicans who abandon their base to pass a very, very bad law.



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