Thursday, December 19, 2013

House leadership to lie to base during primaries?

Planning on lying to the base?  Yes.  House leadership – Boehner, Cantor, Ryan – will wait until after the Republican primary season to introduce sweeping immigration reforms, including amnesty.  Their intent is virtually transparent:  Spare House members running for reelection having to face primary challenges or pointed questions about amnesty.  And then once all are safely nominated, tell the world  -- and the conservative base – “We’re for amnesty.” 

But why suggest that House leadership is planning on lying to conservative activists, those that typically are most active in the primaries?  Because the Boehner/Ryan team plans to withhold the whole truth from the very voters that put them in leadership roles! 

“Withholding the truth” is but a nice way of saying “lie.”

The evidence continues to mount that this is exactly the House leaders plan.  Indeed a Dec. 18 piece from Major Garrett at National Journal provides the cues for understanding Boehner-Ryan strategy:

New possibilities have presented themselves, and the political and tactical climate may, several months hence, be such that Obama and Boehner find passing immigration reform irresistible…..

Is there any doubt that the time frame of “several months hence” is intended to coincide with the end of Republican primary season?  That the intention is to avoid primaries that subject the House leadership immigration amnesty plan to serious scrutiny?

We already know that Boehner has hired Rebecca Tallent, John McCain’s former chief of staff and one of the chief architects of the 2007 immigration giveaway, disastrously introduced by then President Bush and championed by McCain.  Would you trust a McCain chief of staff to tell the truth…to conservatives?  Again from Garrett:

Tallent's role gives House Republicans something they've never had since 2010—a staffer who knows immigration policy and politics on both sides of the aisle and has the confidence and respect of the White House and Democrats.

No mention, however, that Tallent has the respect or confidence of conservatives who vote in every election, who make phone calls, who send money, who keeping trying to make the Republican establishment listen to them, or that Tallent, like McCain, understands anything other than being applauded by Democrats and liberal media.

But there is still more evidence of the leadership plan.  Again from Garrett:

Immigration-reform advocates with ties to the White House see Ryan's outline as more specific and enforceable than the "triggers" in the Senate immigration bill. They interpret Ryan calling for six or eight separate bills (the now-agreed upon piecemeal approach), starting with border security and interior enforcement followed by the other components of reform—legalization, path to citizenship, agricultural/seasonal workers, and the Dream Act. This process bears a striking resemblance to Tallent's aforementioned roadmap.

As for the benefits of passing immigration reform, Ryan sounded bullish. "Guaranteed border security, guaranteed interior enforcement, no amnesty—then I think that's productive. I think that's in our interest. I think that's good for our country." (emphasis added)
No amnesty?  This is the same person who boldly claimed that the Gang of 8 bill of lies was not amnesty!  He challenged anyone who claimed otherwise to debate him on precisely this point.  (Everyone caught the Ryan-Heritage debate on CSPAN, right?)  Ryan thinks allowing someone jump ahead in line of those following the law, but having to learn English and being on the honor system when it comes to paying back taxes waives any worry of amnesty...even if they've committed identity and Social Security fraud!

So here is the lie: Boehner/Ryan/Cantor will withhold the truth from primary voters that they intend to push for amnesty as soon as the last primary vote is counted.  A lot of little bills can still add up to amnesty.  To quote Garrett once more:  "And that's no smoke and mirrors."'s just another lie from a leadership that is resolute about only one thing: ignoring the conservative base and giving in to liberals.

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