Monday, January 30, 2017

President Trump’s Immigration and Travel Bans Are Being Met With Political Dissension, Not Practical Realities.

Facts don't seem to matter.  The Democrats and the Liberal Media have yet to come to terms that Donald J. Trump is our President. Our President is putting the safety of every American above these dangerous political games the Democrats are playing.

This “protest” isn’t about a temporary, (ninety day), ban to implement a vetting process to help prevent people coming into the U.S. from known terrorist areas around the world. Bill Clinton, George Bush, and Barack Obama, all implemented similar bans and vetting processes during their times in office.

And, there were NO PROTEST!

The butt-hurt liberals, (including the Hollywood left), are attempting to make this issue about race and religion, AND PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP.  Their hypocritical resolve is not about keeping this nation safe, (they don’t seem to care if unvetted terrorist enter our country), it’s still about an election---AN ELECTION THEY LOST.

This issue is about keeping terrorist out of our country.  It is not about a ban on Muslims or Islam. Read the executive orders---you will not find the word Muslim or Islam in the documents.  It's about properly vetting people who wish to enter this country from dangerous areas around the world.

The Democrats and the Liberal Media are Lying!

This is about attacking President Trump.  Period.

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