Tuesday, January 17, 2017

January 17th, 2017----Liberals, Media Still Melting Down over Trump Victory

Just three days from the inauguration of Donald J. Trump, and the liberal Democrats, and their pundits, are embarrassing themselves to the point of hysteria.

And, 99% of the American Media, (including Fox News*), is standing firmly behind the left, as the relentless attacks on our President-Elect continues unabated.

With CNN and MSNBC leading the charge against Mr. Trump, the cheerleaders of the left have begun to roll their polls out, supporting their narratives that Mr. Trump is not popular going into this transition.  Poll the Republican Party and Trump supporters, his popularity is running around 80%, but this wouldn't fit the Establishment Media's anti-Trump narrative.

This morning, they're literally falling over themselves providing poll after poll saying Trump doesn't have the numbers.  We all know how this polling worked out during the election---yep, they were all wrong.

Nearly every story drives the narrative of a divided nation. But look who's dividing it!  Scan the headlines of nearly every online and old media sites. Do they sound like accepting or respecting the peaceful transition of power?

To their credit, Bill O'Reilly, Charles Krauthammer, and Brit Hume opined last night by pointing their fingers at the left's unhinged demeanor, and it's not pretty:

"As you may know, some vicious hateful people are trying to sabotage the presidential Inauguration set for this coming Friday. There is no excuse for that. A peaceful transition of power should be respected by all loyal Americans. In fact, the term loyal opposition is a badge of honor because we need differing opinions to have a vibrant society. But when you take the word loyal out and it's simply opposition, that is a subversion of our republic.” ~ O'Reilly

"In my fifty years of covering Washington," Hume said, "I've never seen the kind of poisonous pre-inauguration atmosphere that we're seeing here. This is usually a time when partisan bitterness is set aside, at least temporarily, but this year that is not happening. The partisanship and bitterness is the worst I've ever seen and the antipathy toward Donald Trump the man is even greater than it was toward George W. Bush." ~ Hume

In the story of the Talladega College Marching Band, (where the college president has received vile threats from the left for attending the inauguration), but the reaction from the Factor and Trump supporters was overwhelming as they raised almost a half million dollars for the College and the Band.  Dr. Krauthammer gives a civic lesson to the liberal left:

“You've done a really good deed," Dr. K said, "and the college president has shown infinitely more spine than all the Ivy League presidents collectively. This inauguration isn't a celebration of Donald Trump, it's a celebration of a solemn tradition that is a central focal point of our civic life. These kids simply want to be able to say to their grandchildren that they marched in an inaugural parade, and to deny them that would be a big deal." ~ Krauthammer

But, is it enough?  Or, is the left intent on fracturing the country with their partisan bickering to the point where they don't care how far into the gutter they've crawled?  Two dozen far left liberal Congressional Democrats certainly don't care, as they're sitting out this inauguration in protest of President-Elect Trump's ascension to OUR Presidency. And, note that not one Republican in Congress sat out Mr. Obama's inauguration in '09, or '13.

My personal observation: The Democrats are only hurting their cause with this embarrassment.  And, the American public is watching their childish behavior unfold, as the left tears down our democracy far more than the Russians ever dreamed of.   Donald Trump wants to unite this country, but he has to have the masses at least willing to give him a chance, and meet him some where in the middle.

The Democrats appear to be having nothing to do with a peaceful transition of power, or giving anyone a chance to put the country's needs first.  Since they've chosen this path, it is my wish that Democrats, and their complicit Media continue the self-destruction of a liberal progressive ideology, sinking like the Titanic.  If the Democrats want to act like children, then so be it.  Go to the corner, put your dunce caps on, and cry us a river of tears.

You'll have to excuse us, as Mr. Trump and the rest of the country moves on to Make this Country Great Again---crybabies need not apply.

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