Friday, January 13, 2017

Friday the 13th Political Ramblings

With less than seven days before President-Elect Donald J. Trump takes the oath of office, the liberal media and the political pundits are still grappling with reality. 

When you hear a politician, (or a political pundit), say “we shouldn’t be picking winners and losers” never forget your federal government has been picking winners and losers for decades, and the people have been picking winners and losers to represent them for over 200 years.

Case in point, the EPA’s most recent attack on Chrysler-Fiat

In the CNBC story, the author, Berkeley Lovelace Jr. conveniently  omitted the fact that the software is designed to protect the engine and not adjust emissions, but the point is made, the EPA is picking winners and losers.

If Democrats don’t like what President Elect Trump is doing, try winning where it counts---at the polling booth---and remember, Republican voters have been solidly picking winners across the nation since the day Mr. Obama took office.  

CNN, (formally the Clinton News Network, and now FNN, the Fake News Network), is off and running this morning with all things anti-Trump.  

In evaluating the confirmation hearings for Trump’s cabinet, the reporters are focusing on any word that “might” contradict what Donald Trump said on the campaign trail.  This phony narrative allows them to lead right into their next “big thing”, the incoming President’s conflict of interest.  The Mainstream Media believes they’ve got their meat hooks in this issue of a Billionaire Businessman-turned President.

Little Chrissy Hayes over at MSNBC ranted yesterday about Trump’s conflict of interest for an entire segment, as the MSM can’t come to terms with Mr. Trump’s plans of divestment from the Trump Empire. In the liberal media’s world, their preference is for Mr. Trump to fire-sell the entire business, and could give a shit what the cost would be.  In a sense, the Democrats and their liberal socialist media are practicing their time-honored redistribution of wealth tactic, insisting Mr. Trump be dirt poor.

On the ObamaCare front, liberals, and the MSM are aghast that Republicans are moving forward with the repeal and replace legislation that will bail out Obama’s and the Democrat’s healthcare program that’s into a death spiral.  I overheard a CNN reporter say, the Senate has to get 60 votes to get the new legislation to Mr. Trump’s desk.  Oh, how they so conveniently forget that’s not how the original power-grab was crammed down the throats of Americans. Anyone remember the phrase “deemed passed”? The liberal media also loves to conveniently forget Harry's haunting Nuclear Option.

On the “Intelligence” front, as I reported yesterday evening, Leon Panetta, (in an interview with Erin Burnett on how and why a classified briefing was leaked to the press) said, “The reality is, these leaks happen in Washington and even inside the intelligence community----Mr. Trump is just going to have to deal with it”.  (paraphrased, but almost word for word).

The out the gate narrative over at Morning Joe is “shockingly” almost the same as at CNN---”Trump’s appointees are “contrasting” with Trump’s agenda/views.  They’re also troubled by the Russian/Trump conflict, insisting Trump is too cozy with Vladdy.  Almost in tune with the liberal media’s memes, they move right into how ALL the ethics professionals don’t think Trump’s divestment plans are ethical.  

Joe and Mika think it’s a BIG BIG story that the Justice Department’s IG is opening an investigation on FBI director Comey’s actions on Hillary’s email debacle---another MSM-based narrative for the reason Hillary lost the election.  Shane Harris, (Senior Intelligence and National Security Correspondent for the Daily Beast*), wonders why Comey never opened up investigations on Trump’s “collusion” with the Russian Government during the campaign season.

Between the Russians & Comey, (where the media’s still butt hurt over Comey’s decision not to prosecute Clinton, but explained her reckless handling of her emails), the Media’s ongoing compulsion to prove Trump’s victory is illegitimate continues unabated.

On a last note, (for now) Chris Cuomo is still regurgitating his total hatred of our President-Elect and the peaceful transition of power.  His transcendental obsession is literally nauseating. Between Cuomo and Camerota's daily morning anti-Trump tirades, it's not hard to understand why the network would publish Fake News Stories under the guise of "ethical journalism". 

*(Note to self: Give yourself a title of Senior Intelligence and National Security Correspondent of Camped on the Right)

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