Sunday, October 2, 2016

And This is an October Surprise?

The Establishment vs. Donald Trump

As Donald Trump continues to close the polling deficiencies, and maintain marginal leads in numerous battleground states, the Establishment, (aka, the backers of the Hillary Clinton for President campaign), are in full panic mode. What to do?  Humm, the race card didn't work.  Neither did the gender card, which, as it's turned out, Mrs. Clinton had dug up early this summer, and kept under her sleeve to play at the first debate.  And what to do about this Clinton statement mocking Bernie Sanders supporters---trending #1 on Twitter all day?

Hey, let's pull out the "but you didn't pay taxes" meme, suggesting some one cheated the government out of their "fair share".  Never mind that all filings were legal under Bill Clinton's tax laws.  Or, that Hillary Clinton herself used the same tax "relief" on her own returns.  Or, that the New York Times, (who broke this "scandalous story", used the same procedure. 

Speaking of cheating the Government, Mrs. Clinton, has anyone found the SIX BILLION TAXPAYER DOLLARS you "misplaced" under your tenure as our Secretary of State?  Who's basement has all this money?  Hummm?  Did the Establishment Cronies at the New York Times spend a moment to wonder where all this money went?

And, where was the outrage when the New York Times lost 1.3 billion on the sale of the Boston Globe?  What?  You wrote that loss off on your taxes?  How many years did the Times get to defer THAT LOSS, you frikken hypocrites.

But hey, if this is your October Surprise, it can't possibly top the unsourced story about a John McCain love-child---now that was a story!

Make no mistake, the Establishment and their Pravda-Provided Liberal Media are in full blown panic mode.  They've yet to find/dig up a defining issue that can bring down this anti-establishment outsider.  Donald Trump plans to turn the American and Business Tax Codes on their ear, reducing corporate taxes dramatically, renegotiating all trade deals, (that will end the corruptive deals made for, and profited for exclusive insiders), and this scares the shit out of the Establishment Cronies at Wall Street---who ironically may have to write off billions in losses.

And WHO has invested millions to the Clinton Campaign to protect their status quo?  You guess it, WALL STREET. 

Quick, run, do not walk, directly to your deplorable basement-dwelling, and lock the door.  Do not come out until the morning of November 8th, and then go out and vote for Donald Trump.  Put an end to the Government/Wall Street/Establishment status quo, and take your country back!

Make America Great Again!  Vote for Trump/Pence

(Note: The New York Times is owned by Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim who donated $150 million to the Clinton foundation, Carlos Slim owns Hillary Clinton). 

Update:  The New York Times Paid NO TAXES in 2014 

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