Thursday, October 20, 2016


Mainstream Liberal Media Narrative of the Morning---and if they [the Lamestream media] get their way, for the next several days: 

Trump “may not” accept the results of election.

My personal opinion, despite watching Trump basically wipe the floor with Hillary, we had to know the LSM needed an alternative headline, and the Donald gave it to them.  Instead of hearing this morning about Hillary Clinton’s money laundering Foundation, her Campaign’s, (and most likely the White House’s) direct involvement in causing near riots at Trump’s rallies, the outright collusion with the media and the Clinton Campaign, and so much more, we will get an earful of indignation from the very media that's in the tank/fixing this election.

Case in point: Of the several postings at the National Review, (a supposed "Conservative" website), after the debate, I found only one simi-favorable story in Trump's corner; Jonah Goldbergs's scolding of Hillary's take on the responsibilities of the Supreme Court---a purely Socialist View.  (Some one is welcome to correct me, if I'm wrong, but, I heard nothing from Hillary Clinton about the primary job of the Supreme Court, which is to uphold and validate the Constitution).  Goldberg explained this quite well in this story, but the remaining post/stories from the NRO were, surprise, anti-Trump.

I could almost certainly hunt down, and cite the 90% of the national media's anti-Trump screeds following this debate, but, that would imply that this election is some how fixed.  If the Mainstream Media was honest, (which they never will be), they'd be the one's to make a concession---concede they are part of the establishment, and the propaganda mouthpiece of the Clinton Campaign---but this will not happen, concessions are for losers, right Al?

Al Gore's concession speech came on December 13th!

Despite the media's insistence that Hillary's far ahead in the race, there is polling that provides proof that this race is a statistical tie going into the last nineteen days.  Sadly, our dear biased media can't even concede that.

More to come...........

Update:  Trump won the third debate
By Ed Rogers ~ Washington Post!

"Donald Trump won tonight’s debate. He didn’t implode, he didn’t blither, he didn’t continually interrupt Hillary Clinton and he didn’t even sniff much. And, frankly, he had the best retorts and one-liners. Clinton was on her heels much of the night, and several times, she had to reset by resorting to tired, hollow platitudes — which only drove home the point that she lacks authenticity and appears to be a typical politician who is therefore dishonest. That said, Clinton was an able, informed politician, but Trump — for the first time — appeared to be a worthy opponent."

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