Sunday, August 6, 2017


In a city that's on pace to surpass last year's record homicide rate, (762), preaching "values" may be the last argument one would expect from its Chicago Mayor.  Yet, in retribution to AG Sessions proclamation to restrict federal grants to sanctuary cities, this is exactly what Rahm Emanuel plans to do:

“We’re not going to actually auction off our values as a city, so Monday morning the city of Chicago is going to court, we’re going to take the Justice Department to court based on this,” Mayor Rahm Emanuel said during a interview slated to air Sunday on WLS radio 890, set to air Sunday, The Chicago Tribune reported Friday."  (link)

For a Mayor who's city has "auctioned off" over 400 murders, (74 in the month of July), it would be difficult to understand Emanuel's perception of values.

And, speaking of "contradictions in values", ie, denying reality, ABC via AP felt it was necessary to provide these two confusing paragraphs:

"The Chicago Police Department says there have been 402 homicides — 10 more than during the same period last year. If the pace holds, 2017 will end with more than the 762 homicides that last year marked highest yearly total in two decades.

But the department says the number of shooting victims and shooting incidents for the year is more than 11 percent lower than during the same period last year. The department says the drop comes as it has expanded its use of high tech crime equipment and other measures."

Say what!???  Could Emanuel's Police Department deduce, (from the statement above), that the murdering thugs have become more proficient in their shooting abilities?  Either way, Rahm's interpretation of "values", (in protecting illegal criminal aliens), seems a bit mendacious.

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