Tuesday, May 30, 2017


Sources say there’s a big shake-up happening at CNN. Zucker reportedly wants more Russia stories---demands back-channels.

Sources say CNN’s top reporters are seeking back-channels with Russian govt. officials---”just make something up” reportedly heard by intel officials who asked to remain anonymous.

Sources say Susan Rice un-masked names of prominent journalist who were colluding with Russian officials to create dirt on President Trump.

Sources say Russian “derogatory statements” are made up to defame Trump and stall his programs.  Sources, (who’ve asked to remain anonymous), also say CNN knows the information are fabrications, but ran with their stories to feed their lemmings who supported Hillary Clinton.

Sources say MSNBC and CNN are frustrated that none of the leaks bleeding out of the intel community have proved any Trump/Russian Collusion.

Reporting for CNN, Susan Hennesy says: Back-channels are “covert operations”----sources say she’s certain her convictions are legitimate, despite the lack of facts.

See how this works?

Note: unlike the Mainstream Liberal Anti-Trump Media, (who make things up on a daily basis and back them all up with un-named sources), this post is a total fabrication of events. I have no intention, (nor do my "sources") of slandering professional Networks or Journalist who are just doing their jobs to inform the public. (insert extreme sarcasm) Unlike the MSM, I have no agenda, other than to inform my readers that publishing stories completely based on un-sourced sources has become a parody of insanity, and not worth reading. Professional Journalism is dead.

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Update: From more "reliable" sources:

Breaking!  Liberal Media endorsing removal of Washington from Mt. Rushmore----insist he killed British ancestors.  Sources say they have documents proving Washington intended to wipe out a race of over-taxing monarchist in a revolutionary tactic designed by his treasonous and seditious friends, (also known as the Founding Fathers), to overthrow an acting government.  Sources also say Washington was overheard saying he intended to make America Great Again and he may have intentionally colluded with Russians for support. 

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