Saturday, April 29, 2017

Noticeable Memes & Narratives from the Opposition Media

Have you noticed how the liberal media is cheering that ObamaCare has not (yet) been repealed & replaced because it’s a “loss” for Trump, not because O’Care is in an irreversible death spiral as premiums deductibles continue to skyrocket leaving O’Care unaffordable?

Have you noticed how the liberal media insist Trump’s tax plan must be “revenue neutral”, as if they cared about debts and deficits during Obama’s 8-trillion rein of debt?

Have you noticed how “quickly” the liberal media took the name of Neil Gorsuch out of the news cycle after the newest Supreme Court justice was sworn into office?  Or, how much the name of Harry Reid was invoked, (by Republicans), as a reminder that elections do indeed have consequences?  

Have you noticed how the liberal media hates the term “Pocahontas”, (falsely claiming it’s racist), while NEVER reporting how the fraud Elizabeth Warren achieved her stature by falsely claiming she was an American Indian?

Have you noticed how the liberal media submits that President Trump has signed little “significant” legislation, (28 bills actually signed), while NEVER reporting that Democrats---in both the House and Senate---have refused to participate in the legislative process, except when they can stall or hold up Trump appointments to his administration?

Have you noticed how the liberal media’s “still unsubstantiated” narrative/accusation [that the Trump Campaign Colluded with the Russian Government to elect our President], has fallen off the front pages since it’s becoming apparent that 1), the Obama administration “may have” been surveilling Trump and his campaign operatives as early as June of 2016, and 2), since the “love affair” with Putin disappeared, (along with Syrian planes), when 59 Tomahawks, (a racist name for a bomb), reined down on the region?

Have you noticed how the liberal media’s reporting of Trump’s low approval numbers was minimized when their own polling ALSO showed 1) that 96% of Trump voters would vote for him again, and 2), that if the election was held today, Trump would win both the electoral and popular vote---destroying the liberal’s narrative that Hillary belongs in the White House?

Have you noticed how the liberal media reacts to any and all things conservative as either racist, sexist, or hateful as if the words could never be applied to their audience or the alt-left protesters, or that this was the exclusive, (and failed), campaign message for Hillary and the Democrats throughout the 2016 campaign season?

Finally, (for now), have you noticed how the liberal media is fervently going after/demonizing General Flynn for accepting money, ($35,000), from foreign governments, (or their subsidiaries), while NEVER/RARELY reporting---or completely ignoring---the millions “collected” from these entities by the Clinton Foundation, (Hillary & Bill Clinton, esquires), or, how the Russians gained ownership of 20% of U.S. uranium reserves while Bill Clinton received, (from the Russians) a $500,000 payment for a 30-minute speech while another 2.5 million was funneled into the Foundation?

Now, substitute the “liberal media” with Democrats, since there’s clearly no difference between the two.

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