Tuesday, June 14, 2016


The liberal mainstream media is attacking Republican Nominee Donald Trump for suspending press credentials to Washington Post reporters.  The reason? The Post wrote a nefariously misleading story with a "National Inquirer-approved" headline:

“Donald Trump suggests President Obama was involved with Orlando shooting”

It is obvious, (to most Americans with a conscience), that the Post created this headline with the full intent to suggest Mr. Trump's criticism of Barack Obama's, (and by extension, Hillary Clinton's), policies on protecting this nation from Radical Islamic Terrorism, some how meant Mr. Obama "was involved" in the terrorist attack in Orlando.  It, [the headline], was such a "stretch" Trump had justifiably had enough Jeff Bezos and his new play-toy at the Post.

Why a Newspaper of this "caliber" would put this in their headlines?  Simple, the liberal rag just got a little more desperate, and Bezos doesn't care if his shoes get dirty.


For every anti-Trump Liberal Media screed, I will ask this question:

Is the Washington Post Supporting Radical Islamic Terrorism?

Is the New York Times Supporting Radical Islamic Terrorism?

Is NBC Supporting Radical Islamic Terrorism?

Is CNN Supporting Radical Islamic Terrorism?

See how this works?  I'm quite certain this list will grow.  When the Liberal Media chooses to attack Donald Trump---for the sole purpose of deflecting from the obvious and immediate threat from RADICAL ISLAMIST TERRORISM, I will ask this question.

The argument/debate is clear:  Mr. Obama's policies on protecting this nation against a sworn enemy, RADICAL ISLAMIST TERRORIST, are not only failing miserably, they are, in part, what has allowed this enemy to brazenly enter our shores and murder innocent American citizens.  That the Liberal Media has yet to accept this reality, (and instead chosen to attack a Presidential Nomonee who points out these failures), then, the American Public has every right to ask if the Liberal Media is complicit in defending RADICAL ISLAMIC TERRORISM.

Donald Trump has been explicit and forthright about how his policies would be far different from Mr. Obama's, specifically, a total temporary ban on the importation of Muslims into the United States until a proper vetting process is created and enforced. Further, Mr. Trump has said he will wage a real war on these ISLAMIST TERRORIST, (with all the means and tools necessary to get the job done).  

If the Liberal Media is not comfortable with Mr. Trumps views on how to combat RADICAL ISLAMIC TERRORISM, then they have every bit of the 1st Amendment right to say so.  BUT!  If they chose to lie and deflect from the reality of the fact that this nation has been targeted for extinction by these RADICAL ISLAMIST TERRORIST, then I will insist on understanding their motives and ask this simple question:


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