Sunday, June 12, 2016


In the early morning hours at a popular Gay establishment in Orlando, Florida a "reportedly" lone gunman murdered 20 patrons, while over 40 have been sent to local hospitals. 

But, our dear mainstream media was quick to report that this was "an act of domestic terrorism".

The following photos were taken by myself around 4 am pacific time:

Not even in the original press conference did authorities confirm this was a DOMESTIC TERRORIST ATTACK, but the media is already attempting to set the narrative, incorrectly.

Updates to follow...............

Update:  The good folks at have a full story up:

BREAKING: Terrorist Attack At Orlando Gay Nightclub, islamic terrorism confirmed, Ramadan Arrives In America, Omar Mateen Named

Update:  Sadly now the casualties have risen to 50 dead.  Prayers for the victims and their families.

Update:  "Major Muslim Terror­ists Makes This Decla­ra­tion To All Ameri­cans: We Are Coming After You, We Will Attack Florida And Slaugh­ter Ameri­cans There"

Update:  The shooter was Omar Mateen, 29, of Port St. Lucie, Florida. He was a professional security officer and had a license to carry a firearm.  The goes the liberal's gun-control narrative---right out the door.

Update:  My very good friend Kim Skelton posted on Facebook: “The war on gays and lesbians is being waged by the Democrat party in plain view today.... The mask has come off.”

My “humble” response:

What's sadly hypocritical Kim is how the left NEVER said a word about Islamist throwing gays off the tops of buildings, (the silence was embarrassingly deafening by the media), yet when it hits home, the first thing that pops into their "worthless" minds is how did this puke get a gun, and "how can we stop it", ie, more gun-control.  The facts are, he was issued a license to carry weapons---legally---and obviously not properly vetted by the FBI, (the same institution that can’t decide whether Hillary exposed our national classified secrets), who had him on the radar THREE TIMES, and some one signed off on his “American allegiance”----most likely under pressure from the Obama-directed “leave my bros alone” policies, that is putting our entire nation in peril.  One more very important thing for our dear liberal friends---the frikken GUN DID NOT GO OFF BY ITSELF, IT WAS “CONTROLLED” BY A TERRORIST!!!!!!  For those who advocate to disarm our citizens---FORGET IT, IT’S NOT HAPPENING---the ISLAMIC JIHAD is upon us and on our soil, and as our President said today: “This could have happened in ANY COMMUNITY”, so arm yourselves.  Don’t let this liberal illiteracy, (of removing your right to own a weapon), put your life and the lives of your families in the hands of the lunatics in government, (or even our brave police forces shackled by political correctness), take whatever means is necessary to protect your loved ones.  God WILL protect us………but he NEVER said “let the government take your sword away to fight against evil”.

Extremely pissed off rant over.

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