Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Halperin excused?

Conservatives constantly (e.g., Kilmeade on Fox and Friends this morning (5/12) with McChrystal) criticize this administration for refusing to "name the enemy." 

Yet when it comes to an obviously biased, liberal reporter like Mark Halperin, conservative media explains it away.  This morning on F & F, both Laura Ingraham and Charles Krauthammer claimed that the interview was not representative of Halperin.

Eau contraire.  

Since 2004, Halperin has been little more than a liberal guard dog.  You will recall that as political director for ABC News he instructed his subordinates to have a higher standard of scrutiny for Bush claims than Kerry, that they should not "artificially" or "reflexively" hold both sides "equally accountable."

There is simply no doubt that Halperin has already assumed the same role for the 2016 election. 

The interview with Senator Cruz is simply another indication that Halperin is doing all that he can to avoid giving in to his own "reflexive" and "artificial" temptations to hold both sides equally accountable. 

A "fair-minded" and "excellent" reporter does not even consider such questions, much less ask them.

That the senator is gracious does not exculpate conservative media for refusing to call a biased, liberal reporter "biased and liberal." 

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