Saturday, April 18, 2015

Re-Booting America Starts with Deleting the Socialist/Collectivist Ideology

Re-booting America starts with booting out the far left-wing radicals who have infected the Democratic Party and sent them adrift. The Socialist/Collectivist liberal progressive ideology is finally losing the political clout that has poisoned the Party. 

The trouble with liberals is they’ve not figured out that capitalism is still the foundation and the future of individual prosperity in this country. Liberals and Liberalism got their collective wings clipped last November and they’ve got this delusion that what happened was an anomaly. 

The People are sick of collectivism and the redistribution of wealth policies---that have historically failed time and again---especially where a central government, (filled with corruptive politicians), controls the people’s financial well being, crushing the individual and entrepreneurial spirit of this great nation. 

This nation was founded, (and grew in individual wealth), on the free market principles of capitalism, and with little intrusion from the federal government. Liberals would like nothing better than to keep the status quo and continue the polices of ceding “the people’s money” to a central government, leaving a few selective politicians in Washington to decide where “the wealth” is distributed. This philosophy/ideology is coming to an abrupt and well deserved end as the liberals will come to understand in 2016. 

Since 2008 Democrats have lost 69 House seats, 13 Senate seats, 910 seats in state legislatures, 30 state legislative chambers & 11 governors, yet the old Democratic Party has yet to figure out that the policies of the far left-wing radical liberals have destroyed their party. Perhaps they’ll “get it” after this next major shellacking. Make no mistake, the People have decided to keep their money in their own pockets instead of sending it to Washington and the powerbrokers/redistributionist who plan to control their daily lives. 

There will be no Democrat in the White House in 2017. Even the House and the Senate will remain in Republican’s hands as liberalism is dealt its last blow. Only then will the Democrats begin to throw the far left-wing radicals out of their Party and return to the principles of a capitalist free market state. Liberalism/Socialism, (and by extension Marxism/Communist values), is dead on arrival in this next election cycle. And, Conservatives should throw them, [the misguided far left-wing liberals] a well deserved wake.

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