Saturday, February 28, 2015

How False Narratives Work in the Liberal Media---It's All Boehner's Fault!

Late last night, in an attempt to pass a three week extension on a DHS funding bill, John Boehner and the Republican-controlled House came up short on the voting.  Some of the liberal media pundits began their false narratives soon after, yet, in a moment of "Democratic Disarray", Nancy Pelosi had to come to rescue the Democrats from purgatory.   

Headline from Politico: Congress passes one-week DHS fix

"The last-minute move comes after House Republicans dealt a humiliating defeat to John Boehner."

The "set-up" from Politico:
And Boehner’s allies believe that the earlier DHS debacle on Friday, when 52 Republicans voted against the three-week plan, was in part aimed at toppling the speaker.
And, my response:

Wouldn't it have been nice if the non-biased authors here included---in the context of this story---the fact that 176 Democrats voted against the three week plan? That right folks, the whole narrative of the story changes when it’s factually reported that only 12 Democrats voted for the 3-week extension. When the final failing tally came out, (224-203), even liberal reporters like Dana Bash at CNN and Erin Burnett on Out Front were asking [at the time] if the Democrats realized that in the event of no other votes taken that night, they, DEMOCRATS, would be seen as responsible for a DHS shutdown. 

And let’s not forget the reason for this whole mess---Barack Obama taking immigration law into his own hands and changing it by lawless executive orders to allow/afford five million illegal immigrants almost all of the rights of American citizens, including social security cards, up to $24,000 in tax refunds for each family, and all the public amenities afforded to legal immigrants---changes in immigration laws that Obama said himself just a year ago that he didn’t have executive rights to do. 

But, by all means, let’s play the political “gotcha” games, (including bogus narratives blaming John Boehner for what Republican house representatives were elected to do, (along with now a Federal Judge)---to stop Obama’s illegal interference with immigration laws that are constitutionally left up to the legislature, not the executive branch. 

Democrats, (Harry and Nancy), keep asking for a “clean bill”, (as if they’ve ever provided one in the past when they were in power), yet the full funding of the Department of Homeland Security is stained with Obama’s fingerprints all over it---directing DHS to head up an illegally obtained program a majority of Americans disapprove of. Let’s forget the attention and manpower needed to implement this illegal program, (while the primary job of DHS is to protect this nation from terrorist entities), and hand Obama and the Democrats what they want---a clean Boehner bill---that provides this President with powers he clearly does not possess. 

Apparently Democrats are o.k. with subverting Constitutional law even if most American citizens are not. As if cramming ObamaCare down the throats of Americans didn’t cost the Democrats dearly, (see 2014 Shellacking), let’s give the Harry Reid/Nancy Pelosi Democrats what they want, again, and see how this plays out in 2016 when the liberal Democrats take another shellacking. Give them their unclean bill, and let them choke on it.

(It should be also noted that in the ditch Mitch McConnell passed this fiasco down to the House, when he, and his cowardly beltway Republican cohorts gave in to the Democrats demands to remove the immigration rider.  As a Conservative Republican, I can safely say I'm embarrassed at the actions of this "Republican-controlled" Senate.  Apparently, they are not in control of anything)

~ Rov

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