Friday, December 12, 2014

Finally! A Spending Resolution----Decided by Legislators and Passed by Legislators

Late last night, (December 11th, 2014), the House of Representatives, (with the help of Obama Democrats), passed a spending bill that will fund the federal government through September.  Make no mistake, no one on the far left or the far right was happy with the outcome, BUT, to the pleasure of an electorate that had become sick of watching their representatives live in gridlock and do nothing, (or worse, bring the federal government to a grinding halt---again), our Congress finally accomplished "something", despite the winners and losers.

Bottom line:  Democrats received the message loud and clear from an American public who were sick and tired of not seeing the legislative branch of their government doing anything.  After the 2010 shellacking, it was Harry Reid's Senate that refused to bring ANY House-passed legislation to the floor---even for debate.  The liberal media’s false narrative that it was the “obstructionist House” that prevented legislation from reaching Mr. Obama’s desk began to fall on deaf ears, as over 300 House bills hit Harry Reid’s desk only to collect dust.  Yes, of the 300 bills, Republicans sent the ObamaCare repeal over 50 times, but of the remaining 150 bills, much of it was either passed on a voice vote or had bi-partisan support.  Many will say that Harry Reid gambled---for two long years---by bringing little legislation passed by the House because he knew many moderate Democrats in the Senate would pass legislation destined for Obama’s desk, (that did not fit the radical liberal agenda), and would have to be vetoed by Obama, or worse, signed by the President as common sense bi-partisan legislation.  The far left wing of the liberal Democratic Party would have none of that---including the Pelosi-led liberals in the House and Harry’s obstructionism.

The results/ramifications brought about the 2014 Shellacking 2.0, in which the Democratic Party suffered losses not seen in over 100 years, as the country reminded the far left liberals they were not ready to become a socialist big-government society run by the fat cats in D.C.  As ObamaCare continued to unfold as the largest federal constrainment over the masses, (requiring over 50 unlawful waivers for unions and special interest and failing to meet the promises made to pass the unsupported legislation---specifically, “you can keep your doctor and your plan”), the massive disastrous roll-out was the least of the problems Democrats would incur.  The working middle class had been shafted again as they saw the price of this dream fall squarely on their shoulders.  Very few saw the $2,500.00 average family savings Mr. Obama promised.  They did however see the monstrous deductibles---3-7 THOUSAND DOLLARS---that would eat up any savings the legislation promised.

Fast forward to last night: After both the Senate and House committees working tirelessly for months to produce bi-partisan legislation both parties could live with, (and more importantly, prove to the American public that they could work towards passing legislation), the last of the radical left, specifically HOUSE MINORITY LEADER NANCY PELOSI and her cohorts* raised their ugly heads one last time and almost succeeded in obstructing the will of the people.  Mz. Pelosi has realized she will never retain that gavel she once coveted and abused.  Her phony complaints about two provisions in the bill---again, negotiated and approved by both parties---was her curtain call.  For a party that had added over six trillion dollars to the national debt, (primarily to satisfy a myriad of special interest, including no-bid federal contracts to the unions and corporate entities that would make the OWS crowd blush), the ever shrinking middle class said enough is enough.

The Tea Party Patriots did not like this bill because it did not realistically restrain any of the run-away federal government spending.  Their constituents sent them to Congress to rein in spending, and begin to put an end to big-government policies eating away at the individual liberties afforded to the people.  This wing of the Republican party has every right to feel betrayed by the status quo beltway Republicans that many conservatives consider just another big-spending Democrat.  Given they only had one wing of the legislative branch, (until January), their power was limited.  But, they do have the pulse of a nation tiring of an over-bearing central government.  Make no mistake, John Boehner will hear from both these Representatives and the people who sent them to Congress.  For those of you who think the Tea Party is dead, think again.

On the other side of the political spectrum, the ever-shrinking far left liberals cried that their entitlement programs did not keep up with inflation in this bill.  They wanted far more than they got, yet the moderate Democrats, (who care to keep their jobs), understood what 2014 meant---which was to move the party back toward the center or continue to get eaten alive.  BTW, the faux anger over the derivatives revision is about as phony as the UVA rape allegations and the media’s false narrative that Brown had his hands up during his assault on a police officer---THEY DIDN’T HAPPEN.  The fact that both Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are currently approving loans like chewing gum---AGAIN---requiring only a 3% down payment is a recipe for madness and a sure repeat of the 2008 recession if it continues unchecked.  Make no mistake, the banking industry will line the pockets of any legislator who looks the other way.  And there appears to be plenty of takers.

Finally, the LIBERAL MEDIA is completely besides themselves because their greatest wish---ANOTHER GOVERNMENT SHUTDOWN---did not happen.  Their obsession and quest to drive the racial narrative has faded into the “not the news anymore” albeit the late-to-the-party idiots in the Republic of Berkeley---the heart of Pelosi country.  The war on women narrative has also died a deserved death, along with the income inequality garbage, when the people have realized it is the far left liberals that helped to facilitate their socialist plot of income redistribution---that ended up hitting the middle class squarely in the face.  To the liberal media’s demise, their liberal progressive agenda is fading faster than a Fast and Furious, Benghazi, or an IRS investigation.  As the nation moves further to the center, they will become as relevant and extinct as an ovulating dinosaur in search of its companion---there will be no consummation.  

So there you have it.  The far right is not happy and the far left has become literally irrelevant in providing realistic legislation the people of this nation will accept, yet a spending bill passed.  Mr. Obama has become moot as the new Congress takes the reins in January.  Delightfully stuck in the middle is our liberal media, twisting in the winds of time, desperately searching for divisive story than might revive their placid desires to foment a tumultuous outcome---counter-productive to a nation hungering for sanity and a common sense of purpose.  My only hope is that they are the biggest losers as a nation passes them by.  Or, even better, purges the pathetic excuse for what they call journalism in both contemporary and social media.

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