Tuesday, December 23, 2014

The De Blasio Fiasco----A Dramatic Undertaking

From the Politico article: De Blasio’s nightmare

New York’s mayor has lost the police — and maybe much more than that.

By Maggie Haberman and Glenn Thrush

"Bill de Blasio, like his progressive political idol Barack Obama, is finding out that you can’t do the New Politics if you don’t pay attention to the old politics. 
In Obama’s case, it was a failure to recognize the threat posed to him by Republicans who didn’t buy into his calls for a post-partisan partnership with Congress. For New York’s ambitious liberal mayor, it was an inability to keep long-simmering tensions with the city’s traditionally powerful police department from boiling over in the last few days. 
Just over a year after sailing into office with 72 percent of the vote on a message of transformational change, de Blasio found his mayoralty subsumed by a torrent of anger, unleashed by the murder of two police officers in Brooklyn Saturday by a troubled gunman who said he was killing “pigs” to avenge the deaths of two men by cops in Staten Island and Ferguson, Missouri. By Monday, de Blasio was lashing out at the press corps that covers him, trying to paper over public divisions with his own police commissioner and coping with what friends described as the emotional blow of facing public rejection by many in the nation’s biggest police force. “He’s pretty badly shaken” by the murders, one told us......." (Read complete article here)

The Gotham City Blues:  The Only Place in America where the flare for political melodramatics transitions into a “Nightmare”---An Exposition of Old School Democrats vs. the 21st Century Liberalism Run Amuck. 

Nightmare indeed.  The only other place this story would be fitting would be if it took place in, you guessed it, Hollywood.  But New York has always shoved tinsel-town to the sidelines when it comes to the real dramatics of a scandalous affair of this magnitude.  All the “players” are here, as only Haberman and Thrush can thrust onto the stage, or into the ring as it may---Obama, de Blasio, Bratton, Sharpton, (and the company of their “spokespersons”), blossoming unlike any Gotham City saga seen in decades, with the twisting plots of a transitional city where the old school Democrats with their indignant pride is overtaken by the new-age faction that inserted Mr. Obama into power.  And then, of course, there’s the “voracious media”, who find themselves conflicted on how not to consume their heroes of political liberalism, yet yearning to get into the boxing ring and throw a few punches of their own.

But let’s digress for a short moment.  As implied in this story, it was more likely that it was Mr. de Blasio who has turned his back on his once loyal forces of the NYPD long before these current dramas came to a head.  The display at the Brooklyn hospital was merely a well-deserved reciprocation.  The NYPD, along with their union reps won’t stand by and get steam-rolled/smeared by the hostilities of the Mayor’s boys who don’t have their backs.  Mr. Obama can count his blessings that our Military isn’t similarly unionized with the ability to speak out against their feckless leader who has also turned his back on them time and again over his tenure, leaving them twisting in the wind.  But, that’s another story altogether.

What seems to be indignantly washed over in this “political drama“, (and the actors participating), is the stone cold fact that two innocent New York Police Officers were assassinated in broad daylight by a madman for the whole world to see.  Just as “oddly”, the liberal media glaringly omits in their stories that both of these men who swore to protect and serve, were a representation of the very minorities who have taken control of the electorate, yet to their brothers in arms, they were all the same---men in Blue, the only color that matters---something Mr. de Blasio and his cohorts better get behind before they’re eaten alive by their own fawning media.  Finally, speaking of the MEDIA, they have also played a huge part in this.  From the first day in Ferguson, to New York City and beyond, the Jeff Zucker’s of CNN, and the blowhards at MSNBC have done everything in their sick “journalistic” power to foment racism, while driving their own personal agenda of dividing a nation, pitting one class of people against another, along with destroying what little faith our minorities had in those same community residents that put on their uniforms to protect and serve.  They too, should be held accountable, (in part), for the deaths of our fallen heroes, for it was the media who played the video OVER AND OVER AGAIN, of the crowd of protesters demanding dead cops.  Once again, the media had a choice to portray the majority of protesters who were legally asking for justice, yet the “sensational news”---”What do we want, dead cops“---sold far more viewership, ie, ad dollars than “plain old responsible reporting”.  Throw in the far left online social media, (along with the text-savvy sycophants), and the recipe for more deaths is waiting.  Oh, you bet this is a NIGHTMARE, and a sleeping giant is about to awake.  

But, The Big Apple had better watch out, some one in Hollywood is writing the screenplay for this impending nightmare, where unemployed actors are plenty hungry to get in on this political drama.  It’s been far too long since they’ve had “a glove to fit” or a Rodney King beating to feed their artistic passions.  Of course, no one saw any of this coming, except Mr. Obama, who’s always been behind the scenes as the King of Division---par for "his" course. 

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