Saturday, February 18, 2017

The Shadow Government---It’s Just a Conspiracy Theory, Right?

I was going to write a short “simi-satirical” piece this morning to poke a little fun at the frenzied mainstream media.  Here’s where I began: 

“In the spirit of liberal media’s “we’ll publish or post anything if it hurts President Trump”, my sources tell me that there’s a memo circulating that these same “Elite Media Journalist”, (who have actively campaigned against Trump over the past two years), are colluding with the Establishment Beltway Elites, (many who have been defeated or retired from their positions in recent election cycles), to destroy and absolve the current President from his elected duties.”

Of course, there is no memo, and I have no sources. Like the Associated Press’s reporting of a memo that never reached the higher levels of Homeland Security, and, was NEVER SERIOUSLY CONSIDERED (claiming the President planned to call out the National Guard to round up illegal immigrants), AP chose to report this story as news.  

This is how today’s mainstream liberal media works: 1) find a document or a recording, 2) throw in a few unnamed sources to add “corroboration”/meat to the story, 3) produce an outrageous headline, and presto---instant anti-Trump.  And, when the AP produces the story, media outlets across the nation publish this crap.  Why fact-check an association with impeccable credibility and unquestionable journalism standards?

But, while attempting to describe the current intentions of our 4th Estate, I’ve gotten off the path of “the real story”---This ridiculous story of a SHADOW GOVERNMENT.

Low and behold, (while visiting my Facebook account), I came across this startling opinion piece in THE WALL STREET JOURNAL by David Roberts---a senior adviser to the Vietnam Group at Harvard’s John F. Kennedy School of Government---calling for a formation of a Shadow Cabinet:

A ‘Shadow Cabinet’ to Restrain Trump

Sharp critiques of extreme policies from eminent ex-officials.  

“We need to make America great again, and for that Donald Trump might be our man. For all the anxiety the White House has caused, brewing constitutional crises at home and anger abroad, Mr. Trump has opened a path to reunify this politically divided nation.

A “team of rivals” that transcends party lines, composed of eminent men and women, could rein in the administration. This bipartisan group, preferably endorsed by past U.S. presidents, would be made up of former cabinet members and heads of independent federal agencies. Inspired by the British Shadow Cabinet, it would be structured to mirror the official cabinet and would issue rapid, sharp critiques and cogent alternatives to the administration’s most dangerous policies.

By becoming a recognizable public fixture, the group would wield the clout necessary to compete with the White House’s megaphone, offering the disgruntled public a clear opposing stance rather than the disparate, and sometimes desperate, efforts today. The group would provide the opposition much-needed focus by identifying the most destructive policies and pronouncements: some examples from the first few weeks include antagonizing our allies, forcing through an ill-considered immigrant ban, undermining the judicial system, and politicizing the National Security Council……….”  (more at the link above, but there may be a pay wall)

Surprisingly impressive is the commentary (provided by the WSJ), where most responded with everything from “are you nuts” to “this is how dangerously far our left-wing academics have come to.”  I’ve supplied a few choice comments from the article:

“Mr. Roberts, you don't need a shadow cabinet! Just win the house/senate in 2018 and the presidency in 2020. That's how democracy works. It does not work by the diktats and the ukases of the elite.

What a bunch of baloney and blatherskite and waste of newsprint.

Mr. Roberts and the MSM have zero credibility given their utter silence and duplicity during the radical transformation during 8 years of Obama. For God's sake, this is a man who won the election convincingly and has not even been at his job 1 month. Today's press conference was epic in his takedown and exposure of MSM as tools of the left and carrying water for the left. Trump said what millions of conservatives have been afraid to say about the press.” ~ Manish Umarwadia


“And, this is from a "senior advisor" at the Kennedy School! Imagine, teaching sedition as a class at Harvard. Is it an elective, or a mandatory course? The "shadow government" suggested is the bi-partisan elite about which Trump spoke in his Inaugural Address. The Progressive/Administrative Statists have gone mad; they are in a deranged frenzy. (One good thing, we wouldn't have to look around or wonder who the cabal elitist are, they would be self-identified.) How sad it that we have wandered so far from allegiance to our Constitution and constitutional government.” ~ Nevin Mindlin


“A shadow cabinet with a large megaphone already exists in the opposition.  It consists of : New York Times, Washington Post, ABC, NBC and CBS.” ~ Steve Bragg


Of course, Mr. Bragg left out numerous “other contributors” in this Shadow Government designed to thwart our current CONSTITUTIONALLY ELECTED PRESIDENT.  

The next time some one on the left makes the claim that the thought of a Shadow Government is just conspiracy fodder for the right-wing zealots, be sure to point them to this disturbing and intentional “idea".

Update:  Talk of removing President Trump, (by an undefined body), is not a conspiracy:

Byron York: 25th Amendment chatter: Dems, pundits mull ways to remove Trump

"The amendment allows Congress to select some 'other body' other than the cabinet to determine whether the president is capable of discharging the duties required, and remove him or her if necessary," the statement said. "Yet, this body is undefined, and there is no guidance for how it should operate. After examining the issue, Blumenauer believes living former presidents and vice presidents could constitute the body."

Gee, I wonder where Blumenauer got this idea?

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