Saturday, December 10, 2016

Tucker Carlson vs. Washington Post over "angry white racist" Trump voters

"They were just wrong" ~ Jennifer Rubin describing Trump voters.

I've followed this "republican journalist" on twitter throughout this election cycle. Rubin writes for the Washington Post and in the link at Wapo that shows her recent work, (and her profile on the right), it's not too difficult to see how "offering reported opinion from a conservative perspective" is about as phony as a three-dollar bill.

In this interview with Tucker Carlson, Rubin is found to have no evidence to produce her "written opinion" that much of Trump's followers/voter were "angry white racist:

While Mz. Rubin suggest there's polling to back up her opinion, (which she doesn't cite), it appears to me, (and Tucker), that she's just another Trump-Hater that spreads the baseless accusations of racism we can find on any left-leaning website, or the daily screeds at CNN.

(for the record, I've replied to Rubin on twitter numerous times rebutting some of her anti-Trump diatribes.  Although she's never responded to my civil criticism of her tweets, she's never blocked me, unlike a few other cowards in the news media, like Joey Scarborough and Jakey Tapper.)

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