Thursday, July 14, 2016

Because Banning Trucks Helps Stomp Out Terrorism......

The terrorist truck in Nice, France. A 31 year-old French-Tunisian drove half a mile up on a curb targeting people on Bastille Day.

Newt said Obama will probably call for truck regulation.

“I fully expect by tomorrow morning that President Obama will have rediscovered his left-wing roots and will give a press conference in which he will explain the problem is too many trucks. if only we had truck regulation then we wouldn’t have problems like Nice. Because it is trucks that are dangerous. I mean that is the exact analogue to Orlando and just tells you how nuts the left-wing in America is.“ link

All I can say's about time some one said it. 

I believe it was a semi assault truck...only because it had a stick shift, but they're calling it a fully automatic assault truck just for the effect.

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