Sunday, January 31, 2016

2016 Presidential Election Begins---An Angry Electorate Going to the Polls

On the eve of the Iowa Caucus, the first state to begin the 2016 Presidential Election process, one constant impression stands out---the electorate is angry.

While the Mainstream (Liberal) Media has done their best to gloss over an Obama Presidency that still leaves this nation "progressively stagnant" with failed domestic and foreign policies, (along with the disdain for "leadership" in Congress), an angry electorate appears to be ready to toss all the rascals out.

And, as the Republican constituents have made it perfectly clear they're in no mood for a conventional leader, (another Bush, Christie, or Kasich), the Democrats have moved even farther to the left with two candidates destined for rejection.  One, (Hillary Clinton), would have us follow the Obama path of a "socialist-lite" government, while the other, (Bernie Sanders), wants to expand the Federal Government's intrusion of liberties into a full blown Socialist State, putting an end to Capitalism, individual responsibility, and, most likely abolishing the Bill of Rights.

(For the record, a McClatchy news article begins to explain this anger, but includes Sanders as a potential solution).

Enter, the Anti-Establishment Candidates

Fed up to their eyebrows with the conventional candidates who would keep the status quo in Washington, (that has basically failed for a few decades), Republicans, (Conservatives, Moderates, Independents, and even many Christians), are abandoning all "conventional wisdom" in choosing a President.  (Note: I put conventional wisdom in quotes because this election cycle contains a complete reversal of what term used to mean).

Leading the final polling in the Des Moines Register is none other than Mr. Unconventional himself, Donald Trump at 28%.  The independent-minded billionaire, turned politician, is collecting the results of an angry electorate, the disenchanted followers of "hope and change", and certainly the status quo Washington D.C. Cartel who can no longer hide behind their hollow promises of making life better for the middle class.  And, in spite of Obama's apology for America's Exceptionalism, Donald Trump has promised to Make America Great Again.  

Five points behind Trump is the other "non-conventional-anti-establishment" candidate, Ted Cruz at 23%.  Despised by many of his fellow Senators, (for mostly bucking the Obama Doctrine, and the D.C. status quo Cartel of both Democrats and Republicans), Cruz has carefully followed the coattails of Trump's anti-establishment campaign, leaving the electorate with two choices of "outsiders". With the exception of Marco Rubio, (at 15%), and Dr. Ben Carson at 10%, the rest of the field of Republicans are in single digits, with Jeb Bush falling the furthest, garnering only 2% "support".

For a change, all the money in the world, (and in the pockets of Pacs), may not change the feelings of an angry electorate.  Monday night, we may see exactly how angry a nation can get when they've heard enough of the phony promise-keepers, asking them, [the electorate], for their hard-earned dollars to propel their ambitions. 

One thing is clear---no one's filling Donald Trump's pockets to advance their status quo agendas, or another making of a conventional President.  And, it's driving the Media and the political pundits completely mad.

If were lucky, perhaps they'll be angry too.       

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