Monday, January 5, 2015

Feds Want to Raise the Gas Tax

Feds Want to Raise the Gas Tax

With the price of gas finally a relief to middle income families, (for now), some people, (politicians), are calling for a higher federal tax----per gallon of gas.

The argument is that the Feds haven’t raise their tax for close to twenty years, and they need more money to build the highway trust fund* to repair our crumbling roads.

But here’s the real culprits that are gouging the customers---THE INDIVIDUAL STATES.  My question is, where’s this money going?  Shouldn’t all of these gas taxes be going toward re-building our roads.  If you examine the charts at the link, you can see THE STATES are already getting more than their fair share of a gallon of gas.  Now the FED wants another .12 cents a gallon.

*  Here’s the problem with Federal Trust Funds:  Care to guess how well our Federal Government has managed our Social Security Trust Fund?  There’s ZERO real money in the account.  Our politicians have managed to borrow/rob every dollar in the account and replace it with I.O.U’s, which will most likely NEVER be paid back.

Bottom line, again, if you look at the tax charts of what the individual states are already charging/stealing, wouldn’t it be prudent to demand that YOUR STATE provide documentation about where all this money is getting spent, before approving another rise in Federal Tax.  When the price of fuel heads back towards four dollars a gallon---and it will---does anyone think they will get tax relief from your state or the Feds?

Historically---it never happens.

Tell your Senators and Congress-people we've been hosed enough!


Senators Bob Corker and John Thune, once respected Republican Senators have taken up the establishment Republicans tactic in justifying almost doubling the Federal Gas Tax.

The incoming Republican leader of the Senate Transportation Committee said Sunday an increase is up for consideration, as “we have to look at all the options.”

“I don’t think we take anything off the table at this point,” John Thune said on “Fox News Sunday.”

This citizen is planning an all out revolt against raising the Federal Gas Tax---a tax increase of almost 67% and unlike sales tax, gas tax is a flat fee and is not based on the sale price of gasoline. No matter how low gas prices dip, the federal and state gas taxes remain the same. Therefore, the tax percentage fluctuates significantly with changing gas prices.

More to come..................

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