Thursday, September 4, 2014

The Name Game---Why Does Our President Refuse to Identify Our Enemy?

Mr. President: For the Love of God, and this Nation, please stop the rhetoric, and call our current enemies who and what they are---RADICAL ISLAMIST TERRORIST.

Why is it that President Obama can’t/won’t identify our enemies CORRECTLY, by calling them what and who they are---RADICAL ISLAMIST TERRORIST???  If President Obama's purpose is to not sound offensive to a particular sector of the Muslim community, the time for "sensitivity" is over.

The responsibility of a doctor who suspects his patient has cancer is to 1) identify and locate the cancer, 2) isolate it, and 3) cut it out, kill it, and remove it from the patient’s body.  The sooner these procedures are done, the better chance the patient has for survival.  The patient should expect, no demand, that the doctor works aggressively, and in a timely manner to assure the cancer does not spread to the point where there is no hope for recovery.

Mr. President, by your own choosing, you are not identifying our enemies/cancer.  Call this faction what it is, and who they are---ISLAMIST TERRORIST.  There is no possible way to eradicate this enemy/cancer if we do not specifically identify them, isolate them, and finally, cut them out of the body of humanity.  No civilized society can endure or tolerate a cancer so brutally barbarous as ISIS, an Islamist Terrorist Organization, who have stated their mission with absolute certainty---to exact genocide on all humans who do not adhere to their prophet Allah, and submit in whole to the teachings of Islam, forsaking all other Gods. 

While you, (Mr. President), and the liberal media won’t report the whole truth---ISIS is exterminating Christians by the thousands---the entire world is waiting for action against these Islamist Terrorist, a cancer that must be eradicated from this planet.  And they MUST be identified for what they are, NOW, not when you get around to building a coalition of the willing, (who might be too sensitive to the reality that a certain sector of Radical Muslims are evil and must be eliminated).  

Drop the Rhetoric and the Dithering!  Act now.  The entire world is watching and impatiently waiting for leadership---from you Mr. President---to properly identify our enemies, and destroy them.  Period.

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~ Rov

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