Monday, January 27, 2014

President Obama's State of the Union

Our World Class Finger Pointer---Because it's Always Some One Else's Fault.

If President Obama truly reported on the actual State of the Union, the stock market would crash and gold prices would go through the roof.  Instead, the President will tell us the economy's “still improving“, (for the fifth time), but, there's still room for improvement, and pay no attention to the 90 million out of work.  What he won’t tell us, is the American work force participation rate is the lowest in 36 years.  He will brag about the stock market that's been receiving an 85 billion cash infusion every month, (courtesy of the Feds own printing presses), feeding the banks and the power-brokers who return their in-kind campaign donations to the Democratic Party.  Polling on the President’s economy---39.4% approve, 56.2% disapprove.  Grade: D-

On his legacy policy---the Federal Government take-over of the Health Care Industry---Obama will tell us the beleaguered web-site “is working”, but there’s still much work to do on the back-end, (for the third no-bid contractor to “clean up“).  He will tell us over two-three million now have insurance who never had it before, but he won’t tell us about the 6-7 million that now have cancelled policies, or that the new one’s being offered at the exchanges are far more expensive including massively high deductibles.  What he also won’t tell us is, if the numbers of sign-ups by the young and healthy don’t change dramatically by March, the Federal Government will be asking for trillion dollar installments to bail out the insurance companies.  (Any one remember when the Democrats supplied the CBO with phony numbers to keep the entire program under ONE TRILLION DOLLARS?.  Does anyone know what those “revisions” are now?)  The impending disaster still awaits us all when the employer mandate kicks in, and millions more are systematically forced onto the over-priced exchanges.  Polling on this policy---37.6% favor, 54.5% disapprove.  Grade: D-

How he will explain "progress in the middle east", and other foreign policies as anything positive is beyond our comprehension.  Perhaps he'll tell us the Al Qaeda flags flying over Fallujah is the result of another offensive video.  Thousands of Coptic Christians are being systematically exterminated throughout Egypt and the middle east---in a Holocaustic manner---and there’s not one word of outrage from the State Dept or the White House.  On Iran, no one knows how soon they will have a working nuclear weapon, or how soon it will be deployed to a satellite terrorist group, since Iran’s foreign minister just announced “that we did not promise to dismantle anything”.  But Mr. Kerry, under Obama’s direction has given the regime a six month reprieve on sanctions---that were working.  Oh, and Syria is still a hornet’s nest, since Mr. Obama can’t make up his mind whether Assad and his henchmen should remain in power while continuing to murder hundreds of thousands of their citizens.  And despite the recent Senate Intelligence Report, (chaired by a Democrat), that said the four murdered patriots in Benghazi could have been prevented, it’s still a phony scandal.  (Paging Susan Rice).  Polling on Obama’s foreign policies, 42.2 approve, 48.8 disapprove.  Grade: D 

The President will tell us how his policies of reducing our carbon footprints are progressing as solar and electric car companies continue to file for bankruptcy and the windmills chew up four million birds, (including eagles and other protected carrion).  Meanwhile, his personal war on the coal industry, and other fossil fuels, continues unabated.  In the U.S. there are over 30,000 miles of  small pipelines, 55,000 miles of crude oil pipelines. and 95,000 miles of pipeline with refined products, but President Obama and the Inviros are hell bent on preventing one more pipeline, Keystone, that would provide products and jobs.  What he won’t tell us is how 50 environmentalists were stranded for a month in the Antarctic because of expanding ice flows, or that the planet has actually been cooling for the past decade. What he also won’t tell us, is that out of all of the Federal tax-payer dollars, (subsidies), that go to environmental companies for R&D, explorations, CO2 prevention, millions of dollars are returned to the Democratic Party to continue the biggest hoax ever played on the American public---a world-wide multi-billion dollar money laundering scheme.  Polling on Mr. Obama’s job of protecting the environment vs. improving the nation’s energy resources, 56% say he’s doing a good job on the environment, while only 43% think his energy policies are working.  Grade: D-  (one full point deducted for the global warming scam)

Overall, the most recent polling on the direction/health of this Nation, a whopping 62.7% believe this country is on the wrong track, while only 28.2% think we’re on the right track.  So, after five years, (and at least six more trillion dollars added to the national debt), Mr. Obama will tell us everything is going on “swimmingly well”.  Pass out the life preservers.

Addendum:  President Obama said the other day, (again), that "I have a phone and a pen", and was specifically telling the American public that if he can't implement his agenda and policies Constitutionally, and legislatively, he will use his executive powers to extend his personal assault on this nation, despite two-thirds of the country telling him it's the wrong direction, (see poll just above).  Instead, Mr. Obama continues to blame everyone and anyone else for his failures, (including Fox News, and those mean old Conservative Republicans). Apparently, Mr. Obama hasn't yet read, (in the news), that National Polling shows a strong majority of the country are rejecting both his policies and agenda. For this arrogant and egotistical rejection of the people's wishes and expectations, Mr. Obama receives my personal grade of F-   

Double-Addendum:  Almost forgot.  Mr. Obama will tell us all, (in his speech), about the disparity of income inequality.  He will tell us of how the haves have more and the have not's have less---from the direct liberal playbook of "how to employ class warfare to advance your agenda".  He will call for a federal raise in the minimum wage, (and tell us a few stories about how devastated the middle class and the poor are doing today).  What he will not tell us is that under his 5-year administration and his policies, the income gap has expanded, not reduced.  What he also won't tell us, is when 15-25 million illegal immigrants are granted full amnesty, they will be taking more of America's poor and the disadvantaged JOBS away, while adding millions more to the government rolls of dependency and entitlements.  And yes, 99% of them will vote for Democrats, as long as the "benefits" flows into their pockets---always the cheapest way to buy votes, using the tax-payer's money---but no one will see this as just another "phony scandal".

Much of the President's State of the Union address will be a "rinse and repeat" of last year's address with the caveat of guilt he will pile on to the "greedy corporations".  He will call on the rich to cut a check to his liberal progressive cronies in Congress, so they can pass more legislation to protect the poor---because YOUR GOVERNMENT always knows best how to redistribute the wealth.  More American citizens are dependent of government assistance, (food stamps, WIC, and general welfare), under this President and his policies since the great depression.  Yet, President Obama will tell us it's some one else's fault.  Over the past five years, he's become a champion finger pointer, while filling the public's heads with empty promises or flat out lies, ("if you like it, you can keep it").  The fawning liberal media will tell us all what a great speech it was---AGAIN---filling the heads of low information voters with another dose of hope and change, and expecting a different result.  One thing is certain, 2016 can't come soon enough. 

~ Rov

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